Saturday, June 22, 2013

The necessity.

Yearning deep within me is a cry that is rousing the deaf ears of my heart. A cry that says, there has to be more than this. Something more like a mystery hidden around the corner awaiting to be found. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, and the glory of Kings to search it out. Proverbs 25:2 I realize that I am embarking on a lifelong game of hide and seek with the God of ages. The man Christ that desires the digging, so He hands me a shovel. I am hungry for the concealed matters of His heart.

Something screams loud telling me that the seeking is the greatest place to be found. Blessings to be had and bestowed. Yet, I feel alone in this vast jungle of treasure hunting with Jesus. I feel the necessity of the seeking. To hunt for the hidden glory in my day to day is such a gift. This earth is only the beginning of my searching certainly!

It seems as though I am in this constant state of deeply seeking, it's as though the God of ages always keeps me in places where I HAVE to seek to survive. I was not meant for complacency. My times are in His hands! But, it seems like there is pain and sanctification in the seeking. It blesses my heart to know that when I step into eternity I will no longer have to deal with the pain of affliction or sanctification. There I will be made perfectly whole in Him, and my seeking will be seen in a new light. A light of great desire and a new life definition to constantly stand with the living creatures as I cry HOLY! 

Oh to see for the first time that aspect of God that I have never seen before! Like a million blazing sunsets, or billions of star filled sky's lit by full moon, but with a new seeking, a new seeing. A seeing like I saw it for the first time ever! Do you remember the first time you saw a sunset, and were struck instantly by beauty? Or do you remember your first starry night? Nor do I. Renew my awe oh God! Until I step into fullness with You!

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