Tuesday, June 2, 2009

down to two wheels...

So, I'm a blogging from the blackberry (and for the first blog since probably mid college days, forever ago!!) at starbucks. I was just skimming through some of my friends blogs and had the sudden desire to be one of those "b" list internet celebs via my super cool blog... *cough* it can happen!!! Don't squash my dreams squanto!

You're wondering about the title you say? Yes, well as of late I have no vehicle... well no motorized vehicle at my disposal. Sadly the saturn I had for nearly 8yrs went on to car heaven, along with the cars of yesteryear. It was hard to see Lucy go, but the transition was made easier by an old high school teacher (that looked me up on facebook) that let me graciously for the past three months use their car. Unfortnuately the time came last weekend that I had to return the beast back to her rightful owners. So long story short....

I am riding a bike around Irving!!! I never actually imagined that it would come down to such an occurance, alas I am fairing quite well for pedaling my lil self everywhere. A car is hopefull upon the horizon. Though I do feel I would miss out on all of Irving's spectacles I normally miss while driving in my own little world, encompassed in music or a phone call. Like today for instance, I saw about 5 people in motorized wheel-chairs gather together in a circle...doing what I imagined as a meeting to take over the world one motorized wheel-chair at a time. I couldn't hear the nitty-gritty details of said meeting (because of the ipod), but I imagine it was of upmost importance.

So riding my bike isn't so bad, though I do look forward to the freedom that driving will bring back to me. I desire independance, and I've always had an ever-present urge to just drive... with a bike I can only ride until my legs become jello.

Well that's what is up as of late...more will come when I can tap into someone's laptop. Heh. Heh. Heh!!!!!!!

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