Monday, August 3, 2009

the rio

So, I have failed at my hopes and dreams of someday becoming famous via my super cool blog. For how can one be super cool if she never writes in said blog??!! Yeah. Epic fail!

Well this is all besides the point! I have temporarily retired my two-wheeled friend for something a little larger (literally "a little") and has four wheels! Wednesday will be my two week mark with my lovely little 2006 Kia Rio, and I couldn't be happier... well besides the fact that she currently has no radio! It has been such a sigh of releif to no longer ask for rides, or have to pedal/walk myself around in 800 degree Texas weather (and no, I am NOT exagerating!) Over-all life has been blissfully pleasant the last few weeks!

I have been challenging myself to write more, and it has changed a lot for me! Feeling the desire to sit down with a pen, some paper and my mind or heart really sets me ablaze, and I often forget how much of a creative release it is for me to just write. Sometimes I have no motive for what my pen strikes upon paper, and at other times I am motivated to write something great. It's that Gen Y desire in me to change the world. One verb at a time!!

I have been thinking about a lot of controversial topics currently, and writing about them, and so far I've only been brave enough to write about alcohol. I have found that students in general are drinking more prevalently than ever... and it honestly freaked me out when I learned that I knew some of them. Not because I wanted to condemn them... but because I know the damaging factors that lie within drinking and alcohol in general. So I wrote... and people discussed. I don't know what my next topic will be... I guess I'll see where the devil makes me mad next! Hah!!

Well off to officially start the day... at noon!

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