Friday, November 22, 2013

One night with Molly Brown.

Wide eyed and whining we meet this fur covered yearling of four legs. Her tail wagged sweet when your eyes met hers and you could feel the desperation in the heart of this little orphan. It's strange how the human heart can surge with emotion over a being that could never share a single word with you. 

And so began an evening of grace, trying to find peace in whimpers. Her soft head nuzzled beneath my chin and I could feel her tiny body heave with each breath of safe quiet she could take in. For this tiny ball of grace, peace is found in the heartbeat of one willing to just love her through the night... and so we did. Husband took over midway through the night, and his heart was met strong with emotion for a creature that depended on his hands for food, love and grace. Sleep was far from the ears that could hear the cries of this tiny orphan in the night. And this is when I learned what the Father of Grace was trying to teach me. My heart yearns long as I meditate on truth fighting hard for light.

Tiny grace orphan could never offer us love or words of adoration, and yet we were willing to give her all that our hearts could bear. And our hearts broke in such a vulnerable light when we woke up the next morning. We could not offer this small one everything she needed. Small grace eyes in my lap for the last time makes me realize this truth screaming loud for my heart to hear. 

I can love this tiny orphan of grace, but not love the orphan of grace that the church walks past as she freezes in the cold of neglect all year long. Heart brakes screech as truth awakens my soul. Ouch.

One night with sweet Molly Brown and I can feel my heart as it is groaning for love to come forth from my heart for the fatherless. Tiny grace with wide eyes and tail wagging sweet could never love in the image of the Father, but orphan in darkness brought to life could. Who will I choose to love, and spend nights with eyes wide awake as I comfort the whimpering of the pain of a broken heart? Every two hours strong husband loved tiny grace into darkness, and all I could think was what if we were loving the orphans of the Father's heart into morning light? 

My heart is broken as I am moved by compassion to love after one night with sweet Molly Brown.

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