Sunday, December 22, 2013

To all the broken: You will survive!


"My soul magnifies the Lord! And my spirit rejoices in God my savior, for He has looked upon the humble estate of His servant." 

The words of a poor virgin woman echo throughout eternity, written on the expanse of time because of her devotion to a God she could not yet see. Yet even still, she chose to believe in the good things. He is not a stoic detached God, but an ever near, ever present Father... waiting for the cry of obedience in the dark. 

This Christmas as I read through the story of Jesus in the gospels I am reminded of the simple faithfulness of a mother that survived much to be impregnated with the very savior of the world. The author and finisher of faith. The man that was destined to die from the moment he was born, and still, she chose the good parts! Mary whose reputation was on the line, and I'm certain even her heart was breaking at the prospect of birthing such great risk. Yet even still, she chose to believe in the goodness of God. A son! Prophesied and promised! Yet destined to die. Mary at the foot of the cross, remembering the promise of her first born son... and her eyes meet the cry of the song she sang from the start. "He has helped His servant Israel, in remembrance of His mercy..."

Can you see it now? Can you imagine the pain of Mother for child? The promise taken, yet given. 

Can you identify with mother of Grace? The promise, the impregnation, the gift taken and seemingly erased. Can you feel your broken heart? All the promises you thought God had spoken... only to be taken away. This time of year is like a mirror reflecting in our hearts the last year's trials and triumphs. The failures and... broken promises. Where you thought you might be, and where you're still not. 

This Christmas I challenge and provoke my heart, and your's too, be like Mary and choose the good parts. The simple and the in the moment promises. The eucharisteo gifts that bring thanksgiving to lips. The promises for today... for even tomorrow isn't promised. Today may look bleak and empty, like that field full of snow, but beneath the cold and dark of snow there is LIFE! Even promises tarry, but wait, spring will come. 

Remember in trial, she spoke the words God etched into time... "My soul magnifies the Lord..."

This Christmas remember the Man of Grace that came to fulfill every longing in the hearts of men, through Him... you will survive. 

Keep heart, you will survive.

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